When you move into a golf home, you expect to not only play golf but to get access to certain amenities. It is important to get access to not only some of the best golf courses but also great amenities. You will find that many of these golf resorts will provide you with many options, which will include golf course memberships, social memberships, and more. A resort that you can count on for excellent deals will include the Lely Resort Club. This is why you ought to consider living at this location which has so much to offer and some of the best amenities in Naples.

A Quick Overview Of The Lely Resort Country Club

This country club is well-known in the Naples area and is often looked at by those that are working with a limited budget. It’s not to say that any of the homes or condos on this property are cheap, but by comparison to those that only have multimillion dollar homes available, it makes it much more plausible for the general public to move in. The affordability factor is one aspect of why this is so popular, but it’s also the three golf courses that bring people in. When you have a typical membership at one of these country clubs, you are lucky to get two golf courses, and it is usually just one. This is a very spacious and sprawling location, very close to the Gulf of Mexico, and fun activities are planned throughout the month. It’s a good place for people that are retiring to stay, and if you would like to raise your family within a gated community, this is a place that most people will recommend.

Top Reasons For Living At This Country Club Golf Resort

People that live in Naples that are not residents of this golfing community will go there to play golf simply. They are one of the few individuals that are lucky enough to have a membership, of which there is a limited number. One of the benefits of being part of this membership is that you get access to three different professional golf courses that were designed by well-known pro golfers including Gary Player and Lee Trevino. Since there are only 650 total members allowed, this means that getting a tee time of your choice will not be difficult at all. Although the golf courses are a primary and motivating factor for people that join, you also have amenities that people appreciate. These are for not only the residents but those that are part of the membership programs so that you can have a well-rounded experience at this golf resort.

What Amenities Will You Have Access To?

The amenities will include access to the tennis courts, clubhouse, massage parlor, and any activities at this location. For social events, you will have to join the social membership program which many people do because of the low cost. When people live at Lely Resort Country Club, they are often astounded at how large this facility is. It takes up several hundred acres and consists of 5600 homes which are all strategically position. If you take the time to look at the real estate that is currently offered, you may find several homes that are very affordable which you may want to purchase. They also have condominiums, all of which start at below $250,000, making it possible for many people to move in.

Anyone that is part of a country club, or if they live that golfing community, you know how beneficial it can be to be part of the membership programs. It’s also good to get access to all of the amenities associated with that resort, and you will like the ones offered by Lely Resort Country Club. If you are moving into the area, and you would like to go into a pristine golfing community, you will be pleased with what is available in this one. It’s affordable for both the real estate and the memberships that are offered, and the amenities are just a bonus to all of the benefits that you will receive by being part of this South Naples resort.